2NE1 visits a children’s shelter with Sean

Jinusean’s Sean has uploaded pictures of 2NE1 members Minzy, Dara, and CL taking care of infants at a local children’s shelter.

2NE1 visits children shelter with Sean

He tweeted, “Sean’s 365 Days of Love, January 19th. I took the 2NE1 members to the Holt Children Home. The children seemed to like 2NE1’s helping hands and 2NE1 enjoyed their time with the small angels. Today’s act (of love).

2NE1 Minji visits children shelter

“Our warm, sweet and beautiful Baby Minji holding a baby… amazing and priceless… Minzy was the very first to put one of the small angels at the Holt Children Home to sleep ^^”

2NE1 Dara visits children shelter

“Dara was second in putting one of the small angels to sleep. Somehow it feels like child Dara will fall asleep with him ^^ Dara’s a good loving idol, great daughter & sister, loyal friend will be a great Mom.”

2NE1 CL visits children shelter

“Sleeping Angel on CL’s warm and comfortable shoulder… a picture of LOVE… CL fell asleep with the kids smiling. Did she play too hard with the other kids?”

Credits: Allkpop

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