4Minute’s full special interview with Oricon Style

4minute Oricon Japan interview

4Minute is currently doing their promotions for their first FULL-Japanese album entitled: DIAMOND. In part of their promotion, Oricon style conducted an interesting interview with the cute girls of 4Minute.

-Your first album will be released here soon in Japan. How is it?

Jihyun: The album was entitled DIAMOND. We would like to show how women are yearning like a brilliant jewelry so we decided to put that concept in our first album. The album contains 4 new songs which are written by both Japanese and Korean composers. Two of those are in Korean, and the other two is in Japanese.

Jiyoon: In addition to the singles that we have released here in Japan, we also included some songs that we’ve released in Korea. We also included new songs so that we can also show another side of us that you haven’t heard before.

-Was there any memorable thing that happened during your recording?

HyunA: Coming back and forth from Japan and Korea, we have had a hard time choosing what songs to include. However, I have learned that our Japanese composer and teacher is also one of our fans and that made me very happy. We recorded the songs in a recording studio here in Japan. A lot of our Japanese staff took part on arranging everything. We all managed to arrange the tone and perfect everything together. I’ve been hearing a lot of different words and languages. I really thought that my heart would burst out!

-Any recommendations from the new songs?

HyunA: Selecting only one from all the songs would be a difficult task. (laughs) I think, people will feel the same though. The Japanese songs may be attractive to them but the Korean songs also sound very nice. It’s like a variety of candies with different flavors that you’d love to taste.

-Though you have many activities here in Japan, what are the things that you do here which you find as the most impressive?

Gayoon: I shook hands with my Japanese fans even during summer. Even though it’s hot, it’s still fun! Also, we’ve been attending morning LIVE TV broadcasts here, which we don’t usually do in South Korea. It’s very amazing for I enjoy waking up early to appear on a show. ^^

-Don’t you find it hard to travel from Japan and Korea from time to time?

Sohyun: We feel like we’re jumping from Japan to Korea with just a snap. Now, we’ll need to talk in Japanese and English. When I took Chinese lessons, I sometimes got mixed up with my language that usually drives my teacher crazy. (laughs)

-Are people there also impressed with Japanese performers?

Gayoon: Yes, AKB48 are stars in Korea. They’re pretty close too with KARA which is probably because of their age ranges. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve also performed on various programs together. KAT-TUN has also came to Korea and the response of the people are also very good. I think, it is very nice that though we’re from different countries and although we differ with our music styles, this exchange and sharing of music still continues so that we could get along well too.

-Anyway, I heard that you girls love sweets?

HyunA: I love them!!! Right now, we’re all addicted to “Noriko Potato”. I also love eating delicious foods on kebab stalls and even Takoyaki Harajuku.

Gayoon: At the moment, I’m addicted to eating noodles from a noodle shop in Akasaka. In Korea, I eat too much ramen noodles. I love Japanese noodles.

Jiyoon: Our staff from South Korea are always afraid whenever we go to Japan. They’re always concerned that we might get fat if we stay here for longer. (laughs)

-What’s your goal this 2011?

Jiyoon: We have to pursue a lot of dreams rather than just being the best. 2011 is still unpredictable for everyone; however, we would like to stand up and endure everything than to just be loved by everyone doing nothing. I would also like to expand our horizons by doing more variety shows. (laughs)

-Is there anything that you would like to try for the coming year?

HyunA: Since I’ll be entering College soon, I’d love to make lots of new friends. ^^

Jihyun: I also enjoy the school life. I’d love to get my driver’s license so I can go to school riding a car. ^^

Gayoon: For me, since we haven’t had any rest since our debut, I would like to visit Japan and go to Disneyland! I’ll go there for my own happiness instead of working.

HyunA: Or we can go to hot springs too, guys!!!

All: Oh yeah! Right!

Jiyoon: I can recommend a lot of springs somewhere. (laughs) Also, it is not very well back home, I want a filial daughter.

Sohyun: I want to stay healthy next year and be more self-confident then. Since everyone are in their teens, I also want everyone to experience having boyfriends! (laughs)

Jiyoon: Hmmn.. LOVER? I think, everyone would want that!!! (laughs)

Credits: Aramatheydidnt & ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com

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