KARA Step fansigning

KARA at a fansigning event on September 16th in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

KARA Gyuri and Jiyoung fansign event

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KaRa Step showcase

KARA held a showcase of September 14th to promote their latest Step album. An hour long video of the event was uploaded onto their official Youtube channel. Skip to 11:45 to start.

The quality is a bit low. I think it was a live stream version and re-uploaded after that.

Credit: DSPKara@YT

KARA – Step MV & concept pics

KARA is back with their 3rd album, Step. Music video and concept pics below:

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Kara’s Hara & Jiyoung on Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Magazine running a girl groups special lol? Following Miss A and Yuri, Kara’s Hara and Jiyoung will feature in September issue of the magazine too.

Kara Hara and Jiyoung Cosmopolitan

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Kara Hanbok catwalk

Kara members walked to runway in Hanbok and fusion-style traditional Korean dresses.

Kara Hara Hanbok catwalk

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