A Pink Hush MV & screencaps

A Pink has released their first full album. Below is the music video and also screen captures for their main promo track, Hush.

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A Pink My My music video. The group is growing to become one of the most popular rookies in 2011 with their cutesy and refreshing concepts.

Credit: acubeent@YT

A Pink GSL Tournament

A Pink performing at PEPSI GSL AUG.CODE S Tournament (for gamers) on September 10th, 2011.

A Pink Naeun GSL Tournament

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A Pink at baseball game

A Pink was the special guests at a baseball game. Kpop idols have been featuring as ceremony pitcher etc. in recent professional baseball games.

A Pink at baseball game

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After School Lizzy & A Pink Naeun

After School’s Lizzy meets A Pink’s Naeun in a recent Twitter update.

After School Lizzy and A Pink Naeun