Happy 2013 from T-ara

T-ara members wishing fans a Happy New Year.

Credit: coremidas

Jiyeon goes blonde Day by Day

T-ara’s Jiyeon in blonde hair while filming the group’s comeback music video Day By Day which will be released in July.

T-ara Jiyeon Day by Day

Credit: Tarakorean

T-ara new member Ahreum

After unveiling new member Dani late May, T-ara has unveiled another new member, 19-year-old Ahreum, who will officially make her debut with T-ara’s comeback next month.

T-ara new member Ahreum

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T-ara Gibalhan Chicken fan signing event

T-ara members Qri, Eunjung and Hwayoung at a fan signing event for Gibalhan Chicken – a restaurant chain which is endorsed by the group – on May 30th.

T-ara Qri Gibalhan Chicken fan signing

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T-ara unveils new member Dani

T-ara has unveiled a new 14-year-old member Dani, who will be joining the group officially by end of the year. Core Contents Media has announced earlier that they’ll be adding two new members to the group. The details of another member has yet to be revealed.

T-ara new member Dani

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