T-ara shares love with Korean Air Force

T-ara had a special performance for the Korean Air Force in January 2012. The group is currently promoting their hit song Lovey Dovey.

T-ara Korean Air Force

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T-ara YaYaYa Japanese showcase

T-ara held a special showcase in Japan on November 30th for the official release of YaYaYa, their second Japanese single after Bo Beep Bo Beep.

T-ara YaYaYa Japan showcase

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Tara Cry Cry MV & pics

T-ara’s Cry Cry music video and concept photos. The first (original) MV is 15 minutes long; there’s a second MV below, a ballad version that’s just over 3 minutes (without the drama).

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T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca

T-ara Jiyeon’s latest selca has drawn wide interest. The teenage star twitted a couple of pictures in Japanese, apparently just waking up in the morning with no makeup on.

T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca

Many netizens are amazed by her baby skin and pure beauty.

Credits: Jiyeon’s Twitter & T-arakorean

T-ara Kstar Lover Magazine

T-ara on Japanese Kstar Lover Magazine.

T-ara Eunjung and Hyomin Kstar Lover Magazine

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