Kahi sheds tears sharing stories of hardship

After School’s leader Kahi shared a personal story from her pre-debut days which led the idol to shed a few tears.

After School Kahi sheds tears sharing stories of hardship

On this week’s SBS’s Heroes, Kahi stood in front of senior high school students awaiting their graduation, and talked about her age difference with fellow member Lizzy.

“It’s sad but even if we do the same job, you get better opportunities when you start at a younger age. I loved dancing so much but my grandfather was heavily against it. I came to Seoul and began a part time job without any specific plans. With the help of a composer friend, I then started to work as a free lance dancer. Whether it’s singing or something else, I told myself I’d try everything and jumped into it.”

After School Kahi sheds tears sharing stories of hardship

When one student asked whether she ever had thoughts on quitting, Kahi replied, “I grew up in the hands of my grandfather and grandmother. When I worked as a back dancer for BoA, my grandfather was in the hospital. S ince we were preparing for a big event, I couldn’t visit him at the hospital, but then I got a call that he suddenly passed away,” and began to shed tears.

She continued, “At the time, I had doubts as to why I was doing this job. I wasn’t even a singer, but I was living as a back dancer and I couldn’t even be with my grandfather during his last moments. I hated myself so much, and I wanted to quit right away.”

Kahi concluded, “After my grandfather passed, I thought that even my grandfather wouldn’t be happy if I quit just like that,” and made the whole class silent in admiration.

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