KARA Nicole: It’s tough living prettily

KARA Nicole JungOn MBC SaeBaKwi aired on 31st July, guest appearance Jo Hye-ryeon had made a phone called to KARA’s Nicole during a speed quiz segment.

Nicole was sleeping when she picked up the call, and her voice and speech had everyone present cracking up. The MCs then asked, “Did you pick up this call while sleeping?” and Nicole said, “A little.”

And it was revealed that Nicole has been on weight control. With that Park Miseon said, “It’s tough living right?” and Nicole, “It is tough living prettily.”

Nicole also talked about doing voice appearances on the show often, “Many people ask me if I’m doing fixed appearance on the show, but no one gave me anything.”

The production team then said that they will be giving her appearance fees and her response was a funny, “Really going to give me?”

Credits: Kbites

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