Kara’s Hara and WG’s Sunmi are childhood BFF

A past childhood photo of Kara’s Goo Hara and Wonder Girls’ Sunmi together at an amusement park has caught on interest as of recent.

Kara Hara and Wonder Girls Sunmi are childhood BFF

This photo was originally uploaded on a fan club open board back in 2009, but had only just recently caught on with the general public.

In the photo, you can see the two girls at a children’s amusement park with two other boys, cutely posing for the camera. The exact time of when the photo was taken is still unknown, by the looks of the photo the girls were probably in elementary/middle school.

It is also well known amongst the fans of Kara and the Wonder Girls’ that the 91’er Goo Hara and 92’er Sunmi have always had a close unnie/dongsaeng friendship with each other. Both girls auditioned for the SM Best Teenagers Contest back in 2005, where they both reached to the finals in the Best Image category. They remained as close friends even after Sunmi entered JYPE as a trainee.

Credits: AKP

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