Narsha faints during Invincible Youth recording

Brown Eyed Girls NarshaBrown Eyed Girls’ Narsha had fainted while recording Invincible Youth.

On the 1st of September, her company, Nega Network announced that while recording Invincible Youth, she fainted around 10:30am. The staff of the show then sent Narsha to the hospital immediately.

She was diagnosed to have vasovagal syncope which results in a brief loss of consciousness caused by a sudden drop in your heart rate and blood pressure, which reduces blood flow to your brain. It’s believed that an accumulation of fatigue, stress and lack of nutrition caused Narsha to trigger this.

She will miss this particular Invincible Youth recording and will now take a break. Her future schedules will be adjusted accordingly to her health status.

Credits: Allkpop

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