T-ara to go through big changes

Korean girl band T-ara, who recently sparked rumors of feud among members, will soon be going though “big changes,” according to their agency Core Contents Media.

Korean girl group T-ara

Core Contents Media said in a press release that they will be releasing an official statement regarding the future activities of the group on July 23, adding that no other comments will be given before then.

The agency further explained that the forthcoming changes will be made on a group basis, not on an individual level, to sort out any issues there may be between the girls.

T-ara drew talks of tension among members when Jiyeon and Hyomin each posted questionable comments on their Twitter pages on Wednesday.

Ji-yeon had written, “I have been too focused on charging forward. Maybe I should stop now” while Hyo-min remarked, “Why are they giving me such a hard time? What did I do that was so wrong? I don’t have the strength to go on living and work hard.”

However, the agency dismissed talk of any friction, saying the two were merely “complaining of their too-busy working schedule” and that rumors of the members fighting or breaking up were “groundless.”

Credits: Asiae (Korean)

Update – Well, here’s the big change.

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