BEG Ga-In on Elle Girl

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In on December issue of Elle Girl Magazine.

Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In on Elle Girl Magazine

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Gain (BEG) – Irreversible

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in solo debut, Irreversible. Freaking long MV.

Credits: officialBEG@YT

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in to begin solo career

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in will release her solo album on October 8, making her the second member of the girl group to make a solo debut.

Brown Eyed Girls Ga-in solo

Update: The album is released. Watch Irreversible MV here.

SNSD Yuri has the best nose

Plastic Surgery Face Line did a poll on “Girl Group who has Best Nose and Gives Most Appealing Image” with 769 patients. Nearly 47.2 percent of respondents, a total of 363 people, supported SNSD’s Yuri to the top.

SNSD Yuri best nose

Second place went to BEG’s Ga-in, while third was F(x)’s Sulli.

Credits: Snsdkorean & Yeji@SSF

Jo Kwon and Ga-in kiss on We Got Married

Jo Kwon and Ga-in kiss on We Got Married

On the August 21st broadcast of MBC’s We Got Married, Jo Kwon and Ga-in had their imaginary wedding. At the end of the shoot, they asked the photographer to take a commemorative photo of couple to put in their home.

The photo they took had the concept of “one second before a kiss”. Since Jo Kwon was unable to come close enough to Ga-in, Ga-in took the initiative and made the move, and she actually went ahead and kissed Jo Kwon. Bravo?!!!

Credits: AKP