KARA KARASIA Taiwan presscon

KARA’s press conference in Taiwan during their KARASIA Tour in May 2012.

KARA Gyuri KARASIA Taiwan press conference

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KARA Gyuri 200 Pounds Beauty Musical

KARA’s Gyuri made her debut in the 200 Pounds Beauty Musical recently. Photos below from the curtain call of her December 12th show.

Kara Gyuri 200 Pounds Musical

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KARA Step fansigning

KARA at a fansigning event on September 16th in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

KARA Gyuri and Jiyoung fansign event

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Park Gyuri is a 200 Pounds Beauty

Kara’s leader Gyuri is going to star in musical 200 Pounds Beauty, adapted from a same title movie which was a box office blockbuster in 2006.

Park Gyuri 200 Pounds Beauty musical

The musical will be performed in Japan and Korea later this year.

Let’s Go MV (G20 Summit song)

20 young idols (including many girl group members) have worked together for Let’s Go, a theme song for upcoming G20 Seoul Summit. Among the girl group members are Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Kahi (After School), Gayoon (4minute), Jae-kyung (Rainbow), Luna (fx), Ji Eun (Secret) and Min (miss A).

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