Miss A fanmeet in Singapore

Interview session at Miss A’s fanmeet in Singapore on September 29th. The interview shows their power of being a multi-national and multi-lingual group.

Credit: scanationsg@youtube

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour press conference

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour official press conference on July 24th at Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park. English transcript after the video.

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Kahi sheds tears sharing stories of hardship

After School’s leader Kahi shared a personal story from her pre-debut days which led the idol to shed a few tears.

After School Kahi sheds tears sharing stories of hardship

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4Minute’s full special interview with Oricon Style

4minute Oricon Japan interview

4Minute is currently doing their promotions for their first FULL-Japanese album entitled: DIAMOND. In part of their promotion, Oricon style conducted an interesting interview with the cute girls of 4Minute.

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Girls’ Generation 10Asia interview

Girls’ Generation interview with 10Asia.

Girls Generation interview

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