Jiyeon goes blonde Day by Day

T-ara’s Jiyeon in blonde hair while filming the group’s comeback music video Day By Day which will be released in July.

T-ara Jiyeon Day by Day

Credit: Tarakorean

T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca

T-ara Jiyeon’s latest selca has drawn wide interest. The teenage star twitted a couple of pictures in Japanese, apparently just waking up in the morning with no makeup on.

T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca

Many netizens are amazed by her baby skin and pure beauty.

Credits: Jiyeon’s Twitter & T-arakorean

T-ara Jiyeon LG event

Old but very nice photos of T-ara’s Jiyeon, performing at a LG event in April 2011.

Tara Jiyeon LG event

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T-ara Hyomin & Jiyeon are tax collectors

T-ara’s Hyomin and Jiyeon turned into office ladies to work at the tax office for a day as promotional event to encourage people to pay their taxes.

T-ara Hyomin and Jiyeon at tax office

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T-ara Jiyeon – More MV (Jungle Fish 2 OST)

T-ara’s Jiyeon sings solo in More, drama OST for Jungle Fish 2 which she is starring in.

Credits: Tiara7GoGo@YT