T-ara’s Hyomin singing Bad Girl Good Girl

T-ara’s Hyomin singing miss A’s Bad Girl, Good Girl. Jiyeon joined in for the dancing at 1:25, and later Eunjung and Soyeon joined in too.

Credits: TheBeemanu88@YT

T-ara Jiyeon eating bigger-than-her-head pizza

T-ara member Ji Yeon reveals a little about her daily life.

T-ara Jiyeon selca with pizza and friends

On April 28, Ji Yeon uploaded pictures taken with other T-ara members and pictures of her eating pizza in a greenroom. The slice of pizza she was eating is much bigger than her head, and she commented in the post, “Hahaha, I’m such a greedy girl. This pizza is really huge.”

She also revealed some Polaroid pictures with Q Ri and So Yeon and some photos taken with Hyo Min and Eun Jung.

The fans who have seen the pictures responded: “I wish I were that pizza.” (who wouldn’t?) “It looks delicious. I want to eat that pizza too.” “Wow, that’s so big. It’s twice as big as Ji Yeon’s head.” “So cute.”