4minute group hug

4minute hugging moment.

Korean girl group 4minute

Credit: Jiyoon’s Twitter

4minute’s Gayoon apologizes for questionable photo

4minute Gayoon middle fingerEmbroiled in a controversy over a picture her 4minute groupmate Jiyoon uploaded which showed Gayoon throwing up the middle finger, Gayoon apologized through 4minute’s official fancafe on January 16.

She wrote: “I’d like to deeply apologize for causing our 4nias and others to worry. Jiyoon and I are so close that I did the act as a joke and without thought. I never meant for it to be disrespectful. I always hope to show a respectful side to myself, but I feel that I wasn’t cautious enough with each of my actions. I will make sure to listen to all of the severe criticisms against me, and prevent something like this from happening again in the future. Once again, I would like to genuinely apologize.”

After the picture was uploaded, Jiyoon quickly clarified, “That picture was uploaded as a mistake, how do I delete it?” The picture was promptly deleted after fans taught her how.

Credits: Allkpop