KARA Gyuri 200 Pounds Beauty Musical

KARA’s Gyuri made her debut in the 200 Pounds Beauty Musical recently. Photos below from the curtain call of her December 12th show.

Kara Gyuri 200 Pounds Musical

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T-ara YaYaYa Japanese showcase

T-ara held a special showcase in Japan on November 30th for the official release of YaYaYa, their second Japanese single after Bo Beep Bo Beep.

T-ara YaYaYa Japan showcase

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KaRa Step showcase

KARA held a showcase of September 14th to promote their latest Step album. An hour long video of the event was uploaded onto their official Youtube channel. Skip to 11:45 to start.

The quality is a bit low. I think it was a live stream version and re-uploaded after that.

Credit: DSPKara@YT

A Pink GSL Tournament

A Pink performing at PEPSI GSL AUG.CODE S Tournament (for gamers) on September 10th, 2011.

A Pink Naeun GSL Tournament

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T-ara Jiyeon LG event

Old but very nice photos of T-ara’s Jiyeon, performing at a LG event in April 2011.

Tara Jiyeon LG event

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