After School Kstar Lover Magazine

After School’s Nana, Kahi, Uie and Jooyeon in recent issue of Japanese Kstar Lover Magazine. The group made their official debut in Japan last month.

After School

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After School Landrover shoes CF

Landrover shoes commercial film, featuring After School’s Uie (mostly), Juyeon, Kahi and Nana.

Credit: adhouse00@YT

AS Nana & Juyeon play baseball with Nexen Heroes

After School’s Nana and Juyeon at the ceremonial first pitch for Nexen Heroes, a Seoul based professional baseball team, on August 18th.

After School Nana and Juyeon Nexen Heroes baseball game

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After School Japan Rolling Stone & Gainer Magazines

After School’s Nana, Kahi, Uie and Juyeon in Japanese Magazines Rolling Stone and Gainer. The group will officially debut in Japan on August 17th, 2011.

After School Japan Rolling Stone Magazine

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After School (Nana focused) at KBS Open Concert

After School’s Nana focused fantaken photos at KBS Open Concert on June 11.

After School Nana at KBS Open Concert

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