T-ara Gibalhan Chicken fan signing event

T-ara members Qri, Eunjung and Hwayoung at a fan signing event for Gibalhan Chicken – a restaurant chain which is endorsed by the group – on May 30th.

T-ara Qri Gibalhan Chicken fan signing

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T-ara’s Qri & Eunjung cast in The King of Legend

T-ara member Qri and Eunjung will join the cast of an ongoing KBS historical TV series, The King of Legend, announced her agency Core Contents Media.

T-ara Qri and Eunjung

This will be Qri’s second time appearing in a historical drama following MBC drama Queen Seondeok (2009), and it’s also Eunjung’s second appearance in a historical drama after SBS series The Land in 2005.

Credits: Asiae

T-ara Qri plays a love stalker in drama

T-ara member Qri transforms as a stalker!

T-ara Qri drama

On KBS 2TV drama special The State of South Korean Trader Kim Cheol-Soo to be aired from 31st July, Qri will be acting alongside actor Oh ManSeok.

The drama is a comical thriller about how a stock trader and South Korean spy Kim Cheol-su tries to accomplish his mission. And in the drama, Qri plays a barista working at a cafe which CheolSoo visits everyday, and she is a stalker who is in a one-sided love with him.

Credit: Kbites