SNSD Sunny, Sistar Bora & f(x) Amber

A selca picture of Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, Sistar’s Bora and f(x)’s Amber.

SNSD Sunny, Sistar Bora and f(x) Amber

Credit: Sistar’s Twitter

Brown Eyed Girls thank fans for lunchbox

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Twitted a pic of the members, sitting on the floor and enjoying lunch boxes prepared by the fans.

Brown Eyed Girls fans lunch box

Jea also sent a thank you message to the fans for the delicious food.

Credit: Jea’s Twitter

T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca

T-ara Jiyeon’s latest selca has drawn wide interest. The teenage star twitted a couple of pictures in Japanese, apparently just waking up in the morning with no makeup on.

T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca T-ara Jiyeon fresh face selca

Many netizens are amazed by her baby skin and pure beauty.

Credits: Jiyeon’s Twitter & T-arakorean

Angelic Sohyun vs Demonic Sohyun

4minute’s Sohyun Twitted a couple of cute pics of herself with an Angel vs Demon concept.

4minute Sohyun angel
4minute Sohyun demon

Credit: Sohyun’s Twitter (Korean)

T-ara Boram mirror selca

T-ara’s Boram shared a beautiful mirror selca on August 29th.

T-ara Boram mirror selca

Credits: Boram’s Twitter & Tarakorean