Kara disputes resolved, remain as 5-member group

Korean girl group KaraKara fans rejoice!!!

Kara’s management company DSP Media announced Thursday that the three Kara members, Nicole, Jiyoung and Seung-yeon, who had previously wanted to leave the group, will stay on.

“All disputes between DSP Media and the three Kara members have been resolved. We have reached a compromise,” said DSP Media in a statement. It’s also said that the three girls who wanted to depart from the group “have agreed to unconditionally drop their lawsuit”, adding that Kara will resume promotional activities as a complete group in the near future.

This comes almost 100 days after Jung, Kang and Han filed a lawsuit to terminate their contracts with DSP Media over alleged unfair treatment.

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KARA’s trio formally file lawsuit against DSP

KARA Nicole, Seungyeon and JiyoungKARA’s Nicole, Seungyeon and Jiyoung have formally file a lawsuit against their agency DSP Media on February 14, asking the Seoul Central District Court to confirm that their three exclusive contracts were invalid. They also claimed that their incomes were not distributed fairly.

Through their head representative, the three members of KARA stated, “Without prior compromise, the agency deducted promotional fees from our income without our consent, which is classified under embezzlement. From January through June of 2010, we brought in $410,000 USD in income, while the promotional expenses amounted to $390,000 USD. The expenses are abnormally excessive.”

They continued, “Even when Lupin was at its highest point in popularity, DSP Media only paid $860 USD per member for a total of six months. The $140 USD that we were paid a month is unfair compared to the income that we brought in.”

A representative of DSP Media told Star News, “Their head representative claimed that the girls only received $860 USD per member for six months of their Lupin promotions, but that is truly ridiculous.

“We deducted six months worth of their entire promotional expenses from the profits made off of their album sales. Thus, we did not deduct anything from their promotions in other areas such as CFs. Unlike what the three are claiming, we paid them a larger sum, but they’re claiming as if we’ve embezzled.”

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Kara members to terminate contract with DSP

Three out of the five members of popular Korean girl group Kara – i.e. Han Seung-yeon, Nicole Jung and Kang Ji-young – have filed a lawsuit against DSP Media in order to terminate their exclusive contract with the company, stating that they have lost mutual trust with their agency.

Korean girl group Kara

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Kara Seungyeon injured her spine

Kara’s Seungyeon has injured her spine while exercising.

Her injury is not too serious but requires four weeks of rest and treatment, so the group’s scheduled return at the end of the month will have to be postponed.

Korean girl group Kara Seungyeon

Get well soon Seungyeon.

Kara Seungyeon takes a fall again

Kara’s Seungyeon twisted her ankle during the ‘red carpet’ event at the Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 on August 29. Nicole was the closest to her and pulled her up before the media could snap more photos. Lucky?

Kara Seungyeon falls down

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