SNSD & Vita500 Christmas

SNSD and Vita500 Christmas greetings.

SNSD Tiffany Vita500 Christmas

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Girls’ Generation Japanese RDR MV

Girls’ Generation Japanese Run Devil Run music video.

Credit: grayfm@YT

SNSD Vita500 smartphone wallpapers

More SNSD goodies from Vita500.

SNSD Tiffany Vita500 smartphone wallpaper

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SNSD performed Gee at KIKO

Girls Generation performing their old hit Gee at KIKO Cultural Festival. Tiffany made some small mistakes trying to sing her part in Japanese but forgot the lyrics lol.

Credits: MediaVop@YT

SNSD Tiffany has bad vocal conditions

SNSD member Tiffany’s vocal/throat condition is not good.

SNSD Tiffany

According to SM Entertainment on 16th June, “It is true that she has been receiving outpatient treatment. But her conditions are not that bad.”

The rep added, “Even though we need to continue to follow her condition, it is not so bad to the extent that she will need the treatment for a long time. The doctor has advised that it would be good for her to receive outpatient treatment.”

Get well soon Tiff!

Credit: Kbites