After School Japan Rolling Stone & Gainer Magazines

After School’s Nana, Kahi, Uie and Juyeon in Japanese Magazines Rolling Stone and Gainer. The group will officially debut in Japan on August 17th, 2011.

After School Japan Rolling Stone Magazine

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After School Uie’s coffee date

After School’s Uie had a coffee date with reporters from Sportschosun, probably to promote her new (not one, but two) drama series.

After School Uie coffee date

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Uie Ojakgyo Brothers press conference

After School’s Uie at the press conference for KBS drama Ojakgyo Brothers on Tuesday. It’s going to be weird because she will be having two drama series airing in the same period. Love her smokey makeup.

After School Uie Ojakgyo Brothers

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Uie Birdy Buddy drama pics

After School Uie’s Birdy Buddy drama teaser photos. The golf-themed drama is premiering on August 15 on TvN after being delayed for almost a year.

After School Uie Birdy Buddy drama pic

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Uie baby pic

After School’s Uie shared a baby photo of herself on Twitter.

After School Uie baby pic

Credit: Uie’s Twitter (Korean, no longer updated)